Nov 12, 2016

The great Spanish painter Francisco Goya has always been a hero of mine. He was the Court Painter for the decadent and corrupt family of the Spanish King Charles IV. From this coveted position he made the most visionary and radical expressions of the social landscape of the times. His vision of humanity was a timeless one which repeats itself over and over again, he captured our hubris, our vanities, our foolishness, our superstitions, our inhumanity.  Post election in the United States I keep thinking of Goya’s work, this  print from the series, Los Caprichos, the translation for the title which is: “The Dream of Reason produces Monsters”sums up what we are waking up to.




One thought on “Vision

  1. Michelangelo hated the clergy he was working for while painting the Sistine. Turn that emotion into energy and let it be a catalyst for your work. As far as the election, I think part of the issue is that the well-to-do didn’t get their way. They are having a hard time dealing with Hillary’s loss. I would like to see a woman as president, maybe Condoleezza Rice. Hillary was too embedded with Wall Street and the leisure suits were disgusting. Trump is just as offensive but gave people that are desperate for the life their forefathers had some hope. We went backwards.
    The DNC put Bernie out of business or he would of been president. I guess we are all to blame. If you listen to NPR, progressive radio programing no one voted for Trump, but obviously people got in the privacy of the booth and checked his name. Donald in his younger days hung out with the likes of Warhol and Rauschenberg maybe somewhere in that dark soul there might be some funding for the arts. No, I guess not.

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