Spring projects/A New Angle of Light

The Heart Of The Matter, wood  30″x 36″2017

My pores and retinas register the changing light the way a tree must sense the light signaling its sap to rise.  The contour of the land re-emerges out of the blanket of snow and even the wrinkles across my face map a new terrain in the strong light. We are less than two weeks out from the Spring equinox and the heart of the land pumps with new urgency.

The work in the studio progresses steadily upwards to meet the deadlines for this spring.

 April 28: Poetry of the Wild/Newport sponsored by Salve Regina University launches with a poetry walk. The poetry boxes installed town wide will be up through August inviting public participation. More about the project in early April

May 26th:Opening for  Sculptural Installation at Brown University’s Center for Slavery and Justice. Installation explores the real human cost of the luxury goods we produce and use. Continues through November, talks and events TBA in May.


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