A Season of Tempests

Ana Flores The Island draws me Newport Art Museum November 2012
Havana Siren 1/ acrylic on paper 40″ x 30″

The Caribbean has been especially hard hit with hurricane Irma this season. The islanders  know too well that their weather can be pure bliss or hell and thus has been their history. The word hurricane came into the English language from the extinct Taino language, huracán, god of the storm. The Tainos were an indigenous tribe living on the islands of Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico when the Spanish conquistadors sailed in. Unfortunately their resilience to hurricanes proved no match to the devastation of colonization.

This Fall sculptures and paintings from my ongoing Cuba series are in numerous group shows in New England.


Sept 1-29    University of Rhode Island/ Providence Campus, Feinstein Lobby,               Cuba Inside and Out, Reception Sept. 21 5 pm.

May 26- Oct 31st  Brown University Center for Slavery and Justice, Providence, RI,   Makers Unknown/ Material Objects and the Enslaved 

Dec 2 to March 10,Lyman Allyn Museum, New London, CT                                                     On Another Note: The Intersection of Art and Music curated by Alva Greenberg.     Opening Reception Saturday, December 2 from 5pm to 7pm



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